Pre Bridal services is a process before the Wedding Day which helps you look the most stunning bride ever for every bride-to-be. Pre Bridal services make you look best from head to toe on Wedding Day after going through various sessions of appointment in salon.
Glam Make-up Studio is dedicated to make you look very special on your Special Wedding Day which brings a journey together which help you to make your most stressful days easy for you with Pre Bridal Packages.

Our special pre bridal packages pampers you from head to toe and make your skin glow and make you the most beautiful bride. It also helps in understanding which makeup suits the bride best as on the wedding day there’s no time for this .

Pre bridal services helps in understanding the skin of the bride and her allergies of skin which led to a great result without any mistakes on Wedding Day. Pre Bridal packages includes all the services like facial, waxing , hair services, skin services, manicure , pedicure, etc .
Pre Bridal services performs all of it but focuses on skin and hair services as these both are the most sensitive part of your body.

Pre Bridal services includes the following-

1. Skin Services- Skin services includes all the services which is related to skin and it’s glow . It includes facial treatment , waxing treatment, manicure , pedicure services. All these services are related to skin and any fault may led to skin allergies or any other issues. So skin treatment must be done before the wedding to check what suits you and what not?. Skin services are the most important part of our pre bridal services.

2. Facial – Facial treatment enhances the skin tone which deeply feed the skin. Facial has now been a secret of glowing skin. Facial sessions make your skin glow and look stunning on your wedding day .

3. Hair Services- Pre Bridal services includes hair services as per your hairs which may include hair keratin treatment or hair rebonding as per the need of your hair and includes hair coloring too as per your choice if you want it .Various sessions with us make your hair look smooth silky and shiny on your wedding day.

4. Waxing- Waxing helps you to remove unnecessary hairs on your different body part . Waxing is the most sensitive treatment which is must in pre bridal services as waxing cannot be done just few hours before the Wedding. Waxing including full body waxing as you know different body parts have different issues and allergies so waxing is must be done as scheduled and before the Wedding Day.

5. Manicure- Manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for fingernails in nails salon which helps your hand attractive with lovely nails. Salon Sessions make your hand look attractive and looks beautiful just like you.

6. Pedicure- Pedicure helps your leg look healthier and smoother which makes your leg look gorgeous all the time . Various salon session helps you in looking your leg prettier and smoother .

Glam Makeup Studio serves you the best with their pre bridal services with safety , care and precautions. We take best care of cleanliness and hygiene. We take all COVID precautions for the safety of our clients and staff too. We provide you with our best services at a reasonable cost . Customer’s comfort and satisfaction is our first motto.